We struggle with life, expecting things to happen in a certain way. Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.07.30 pmYou swear, you pray. You feel that life has to turn out “this kind of” way. Something is missing. Something isn’t right.

Time passes, the mindset still remains the same. What was put in your path while stuck reminiscing, was always meant to stay. Not the thoughts twirling through the mind. Hopeless dreaming. They in fact, were the ones that had to die. Moving you into a new dimension. A new version of you was born, ever so easily. So slowly, that you didn’t notice until it was too late. Fate acting on your behalf. Until you were strong enough to carry your own weight.

Time changes. Feelings waver. What once was, never stays the same. The only 2 things that matter is: How much we loved. How deeply we tried. And how quickly we let go of those things that hurt us. No longer serving us.

We are 2 of the same. 2 souls. 2 beings. Trying to live. Whatever you are doing right now – feel it. It was always meant to be this way.

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Mirror Images

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“How can you show patience towards another,
if you do not practise it on your own?..

How can you show tolerance to those you love,
if you do not first forgive the mistakes you have sown?

How can you meet others where they are at,
until you have first allowed yourself room to grow?”

It all starts and ends with me.
My outreach is determined by the depth of my inner peace.
How much I accept myself – in all my faults.
Determines how much those around me, reflect back at me.

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The One Who Withstands

We are either the shepherd, or the sheep.

We begin to reveal, only when we begin to teach.

What values do you seek? What rules do you believe?

Our values are unspoken words, turning actions on auto-speak.

What do you give out to the world? What does your heart have planned?

I challenge you to question, some demons that may be buried deep.

Our inner man is worth a thousand times over, the riches enticing the land.

Be a good man. Be the one who withstands.

All the tests, all the trials.

Because at the end of the day, you are only left with;

a judging of our inner plans.

Good and bad values


“Your future is bright” he whispers in my ear.
All the hard work, your sweat, your tears.
It’s all coming to the end of its years.
Belief in yourself, your purpose: is about to become clear.

Confusion be gone, temptation at bay.
This life is yours for the taking, this voice leans over to say…

For my need to be right, I look and return to the current sight.
Nothing has changed… A mirror image still remains.

Yet, My heart can’t forget, those promises you set.
So I start to exist in his words, rather than in my disbelief and regrets.
My tongue starts to speak, words proclaiming its belief.
These physical boundaries will hold me no longer, just as long as I keep his word safe.

It is a gift… it’s a truth… That is saturating my youth.
They are words of infinite possibilities .. Choosing faith, above inevitability.

A vision for you

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Lost moments

If I could say one thing, it wouldn’t be “I’m sorry”. If I had one last moment, I wouldn’t stay.

If we saw each other again, my heart would still be full. But if we had our time again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I look back only to look forward. I want to make sure you’re ok. Sorry wouldn’t cover the hurt. Apologies can’t rid the pain.

When forced to speak, nothing is to be said. Time has been unfair.
Some things pass us by, no matter how many questions are fed.

Without you my life went into a whirlwind – but To be fair, it started off that way.
Chances are you’ve forgotten who I am. Chances are you wouldn’t recognise me anyway.

I’m not hiding behind the mask. I’m not masquerading the pain.

Representing my life to that point we met. Vulnerable, destroyed yet so beautiful.
Everything I had reflecting everything I couldn’t have.

If I could say one thing, it wouldn’t be I’m sorry. If I had one last moment, I wouldn’t stay…


Intimacy rises in the morning.

A soft voice that gives you health.

Listen well…

Frustration come of an evening.

It carries a day’s weight and justifications leading you astray.

Fight the realm

Listen to the sun that rises. Ne ye be uncomfortable with the way your pillow feels.

Awaken to your heart. All guards are down. All seals are broken.

It begins with the new day – it begins with forgiveness.

Let it be to yourself, or to your neighbour.

Let the sun rise – let it be today….

Just a little creative influence for my favoured followers.

Lots of Love,

Express, You Are Self

Part 1

I really felt the warm glow of it tonight. The gratitude of life! How far I have grown. Picturing that moment when the seed was first sown, all but a year and a half ago. I was watered, supported and lengthened to the end degree . I was clasped into a tight hold until they moulded an outline of who I could be. Tonight I had a realisation that I made it through the soil. Tonight I started to memorize that wonderful time that I first fought my inner turmoil – and found sunlight. Before I knew it, this little seed started to grow on its own. The seed my dearest readers – was FAITH.

I never understood the concept of faith, when my life was consumed by pity and accusations. I never chose to look inside to find the reality that life wasn’t the problem. Self was. I never wanted to believe that I had something to do with all these bad events that kept occurring. But once again – self was. I never had faith… Faith in myself, faith in others, faith in love…. I chose to wonder the world alone, attracting only similar kinds of alone. Freedom was escaping my head for a weekend only to find it throbbing 100 times more the next morning. That, my dearest readers, is not really living.

Consumed by the dark side, I had no light to shine. Until I figured out that this life had to be played inside the side line. A lead role I had to play, the curtain call could be saved for another day. I took a chance to look inside and what I found was past my expectancy line. I found  faith. I found courage. I found a voice. I found a heart. I found eyes to see. I found freedom to be.

Your probably wondering, why this story has coincided with a rhyme and a story? Truth be told, I feel like I am no longer controlling the loyalties. My branches are growing, my talents entwining. Dearest readers, this is only the beginning…