Real Love ~ 5 years

I met a guy once. He made me feel whole. He made my face crinkle. He made my stomach feel full. His wit was full of wonder. His eyes sparkling grace. This blue-eyed assassin was attempting to take my heart, from our very first encounter.

With a subtle look, I see all that he needs. To only I, he seemed so easy to read. Loyalty like no other, bound by magnificence and stature. He was no longer looking anywhere but through the eyes of my soul. Having nothing more than a cheeky grin, to use as a spell. Channeling my inner child. My inner freedom. Words fail to explain the way that this was always meant to go.

Fear kept me bound a little while. Praying to God one night. I asked him to allow me to surrender. To be enlightened by life’s biggest wonder. To understand what love was all about. His response, much to my delight.
Enter stage, Dominic Alexander McKenna…

“It’s not the yearning you get the first thing in the morning. It’s not something that knocks you about. It is however, a feeling of forever, It’s a peaceful kiss that endures the weather. It’s a feeling of without you I go nowhere. It’s the reminder of what put all the universe together… Having no rage towards any dismay, because our love is so much deeper than having to have the bed made.

Love comes softly. Wraps its arms around you regardless of whether you feel like talking. It beacons you to be better, pushing you outside your level of comfort… ever so slightly. It manages to trick you into believing, you were always created to do better. Affirming day by day all that has grown, all that we’ve sown in that which we accomplish together.”

5 years today, we’ve spent figuring out: All the good & all the bad. All that makes us feel proud – Visions, dreams and goals. All that makes u feel sad – Nightmares, weaknesses and potholes. Yet nothing comes close to the journey we were always meant to walk together. Hand in hand, heart to heart. Every day is a fresh start. From the moment we met – I knew it was a day that I could never again forget.
You will always, Dominic McKenna – be my forever.

DomKat McKenna


I’d rather be

disconnectSome things aren’t easy. Some days are tough.. but I’d rather be a person with integrity, strong and steady. Than hidden in the rough. Unaware of whats to come. 

 I’d rather you see me hurting, than to have to puff my chest up. Too long I hold my breath. Waiting for a moment you come to your sense… I can’t foresee an end. 

 I’d rather be authentic, than lie about a worthless cause. I’d rather you burn me now, than live a life unworthy of the fraud. 

I’d rather suffer the pain, than to learn the hard way. Kick it to me straight up. I’m no stranger to the insane. I’m pretty sure I was born that way anyway… 

I’d rather be a visionary, than to be understood. We don’t have to agree, so much of what you say brings unease, uncertain in all your ways.

I’d rather you know the inside of me. All the parts of me. Because if it’s not enough, I have nothing more to give. No more air to breathe.
My heart is always open, but it’s not for you to keep.

Mirror Images

love water bubble purple
“How can you show patience towards another,
if you do not practise it on your own?..

How can you show tolerance to those you love,
if you do not first forgive the mistakes you have sown?

How can you meet others where they are at,
until you have first allowed yourself room to grow?”

It all starts and ends with me.
My outreach is determined by the depth of my inner peace.
How much I accept myself – in all my faults.
Determines how much those around me, reflect back at me.

rush love

Absence of Resistance

In a world that tells you;4.2.3
Hold tight.
Protect your rights.
If you want it, be prepared to fight.

How free would we be… If we just let go.
Let go of all control, and wonder.
Just to be; like a stream that has no need to take demands from the breeze.
It keeps flowing down the river, no resistance…. Just peace.

Not opposing the strong.
We can all take notes from those who have weathered the storm;
It’s the resistance you experience, to change.
Resistance of your hidden man.
Change creates a window, to see if your worthy of the name.
Worthy of the status you so proudly put in your own way.

armstrong-stream-meander-sml-from-lnpWe are called to step up. Far above our vision can carry.
Innately hearing Gods call – the way is already paved.
Hear the truth;
Or forever justify the pain.
Allowing fears to continually returning us to the space from which we came.

Brothers, Sister, Believers and Curious Seekers;
I hear the call for more, I know its in you. I know you see it too….
Why resist when it’s for the benefit of us all?

 Celebrate, the Absence of Resistance.


“Your future is bright” he whispers in my ear.
All the hard work, your sweat, your tears.
It’s all coming to the end of its years.
Belief in yourself, your purpose: is about to become clear.

Confusion be gone, temptation at bay.
This life is yours for the taking, this voice leans over to say…

For my need to be right, I look and return to the current sight.
Nothing has changed… A mirror image still remains.

Yet, My heart can’t forget, those promises you set.
So I start to exist in his words, rather than in my disbelief and regrets.
My tongue starts to speak, words proclaiming its belief.
These physical boundaries will hold me no longer, just as long as I keep his word safe.

It is a gift… it’s a truth… That is saturating my youth.
They are words of infinite possibilities .. Choosing faith, above inevitability.

A vision for you

hope love

Priorities ~ streamlined

Sitting in the shower, I was doing what I do best.. Contemplating! shower
In my head, all the time! Contemplating… Ticker, ticker, ticker, ticker.

As normal as this is to many of my female friends world-wide, it came to me that I had been doing a little too much of it! So much so, that it wasn’t serving me at all. Constant chatter, back and forth with no third-party input can only lead to one result:
Self centeredness.

So, I jumped out of the shower – half soaked, and called a mentor of mine for some guidance, (and frankly, just to get that inward obsession – out!).

Relieved by the cheerful sound of her voice on the other line, we continued to have a conversation about the last few weeks and how I was indeed, falling short of being my best, today.

But Why?
Because in a downward spiral motion, my priorities of focus had gotten mixed up. And what I believed to be important, was in fact… not.
What was important, was being dragged further behind me, more and more each day. Which resulted in a weight of the world sitting on my shoulders and a heavy self reliance that was fuelled by fear (false evidence appearing real)

So what is important?
Pebble StackYour relationship with yourself, your relationship with your God, your relationship with your fellows.
However it may be that you go after any of those things, is a personal matter. Meditation, prayer, creative writing. It doesn’t matter! Everyone is different. Do whatever it takes to quieten down that inner struggle to allow you to see the outward opportunities.

I put it to you dearest readers:
What priorities are you pushing aside for a short-term fix?
How can we all best delegate time to better ourselves?


Sitting down on the coach in my living room, I was admiring the child like play of our kitten “Marble”. In a feline’s finest, Marble was rubbing up against my husband and playing with his hands like a feather to his favourite toy.

WholeIn this moment I smiled… but more so than ever before.
This time I smiled from the inside – out, and a tear began to form as Gratitude protruded the surface of my being.

I had just captured a moment in the stillness of my grateful heart. A moment in life when all things seem whole, just and complete. Slowing down for just a moment as you hear your inner voice echo “Thank you”.

Thank you for the obstacles you had to overcome – just to get to this very point.

These are the moments, that make life worth waiting, hoping, wishing, loving, hurting, fighting & living for.

Whole soul

Never give up on a hope of seeking a whole heart.

Express x