Real Love ~ 5 years

I met a guy once. He made me feel whole. He made my face crinkle. He made my stomach feel full. His wit was full of wonder. His eyes sparkling grace. This blue-eyed assassin was attempting to take my heart, from our very first encounter.

With a subtle look, I see all that he needs. To only I, he seemed so easy to read. Loyalty like no other, bound by magnificence and stature. He was no longer looking anywhere but through the eyes of my soul. Having nothing more than a cheeky grin, to use as a spell. Channeling my inner child. My inner freedom. Words fail to explain the way that this was always meant to go.

Fear kept me bound a little while. Praying to God one night. I asked him to allow me to surrender. To be enlightened by life’s biggest wonder. To understand what love was all about. His response, much to my delight.
Enter stage, Dominic Alexander McKenna…

“It’s not the yearning you get the first thing in the morning. It’s not something that knocks you about. It is however, a feeling of forever, It’s a peaceful kiss that endures the weather. It’s a feeling of without you I go nowhere. It’s the reminder of what put all the universe together… Having no rage towards any dismay, because our love is so much deeper than having to have the bed made.

Love comes softly. Wraps its arms around you regardless of whether you feel like talking. It beacons you to be better, pushing you outside your level of comfort… ever so slightly. It manages to trick you into believing, you were always created to do better. Affirming day by day all that has grown, all that we’ve sown in that which we accomplish together.”

5 years today, we’ve spent figuring out: All the good & all the bad. All that makes us feel proud – Visions, dreams and goals. All that makes u feel sad – Nightmares, weaknesses and potholes. Yet nothing comes close to the journey we were always meant to walk together. Hand in hand, heart to heart. Every day is a fresh start. From the moment we met – I knew it was a day that I could never again forget.
You will always, Dominic McKenna – be my forever.

DomKat McKenna

I’d rather be

disconnectSome things aren’t easy. Some days are tough.. but I’d rather be a person with integrity, strong and steady. Than hidden in the rough. Unaware of whats to come. 

 I’d rather you see me hurting, than to have to puff my chest up. Too long I hold my breath. Waiting for a moment you come to your sense… I can’t foresee an end. 

 I’d rather be authentic, than lie about a worthless cause. I’d rather you burn me now, than live a life unworthy of the fraud. 

I’d rather suffer the pain, than to learn the hard way. Kick it to me straight up. I’m no stranger to the insane. I’m pretty sure I was born that way anyway… 

I’d rather be a visionary, than to be understood. We don’t have to agree, so much of what you say brings unease, uncertain in all your ways.

I’d rather you know the inside of me. All the parts of me. Because if it’s not enough, I have nothing more to give. No more air to breathe.
My heart is always open, but it’s not for you to keep.

Be YOUnique

Let not your mind be restricted by what you can not do but rather imagine what you CAN do.

Poverty thinking is everywhere..

In the news, media, even in our circle of friends.

Furthermore; we let it absorb into our minds, into our spirit… transferring to the heart, our centre.
The most crucial part of our being – the core – that potential, that was once shining so brightly becoming dull and lifeless from another’s uneducated opinion.

It is everywhere…

Loyal readers and friends can I disrupt this program for a minute to remind you:

We were not put here to settle.
We certainly were not born to be average.
We were put on this earth to fight.
There were no guarantees that it was supposed to be easy but alas it is simple!

What are we fighting for? For our You-niqueness.

We were all born as one from another – growing daily to delicately shape our personalities, our characters, our truths. To stand up for what is within our own values – constantly recreating our individual qualities that make us unique and special.

From our first breath God gave us a clue! He gave us different finger prints for a reason. No two are the same.

You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.  ~Doug Floyd

Love is the only answer. Love thyself, and you will know love for another. Love the people we can be and should be. The people we will continually try to be until we are – YOUnique.