We struggle with life, expecting things to happen in a certain way. Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.07.30 pmYou swear, you pray. You feel that life has to turn out “this kind of” way. Something is missing. Something isn’t right.

Time passes, the mindset still remains the same. What was put in your path while stuck reminiscing, was always meant to stay. Not the thoughts twirling through the mind. Hopeless dreaming. They in fact, were the ones that had to die. Moving you into a new dimension. A new version of you was born, ever so easily. So slowly, that you didn’t notice until it was too late. Fate acting on your behalf. Until you were strong enough to carry your own weight.

Time changes. Feelings waver. What once was, never stays the same. The only 2 things that matter is: How much we loved. How deeply we tried. And how quickly we let go of those things that hurt us. No longer serving us.

We are 2 of the same. 2 souls. 2 beings. Trying to live. Whatever you are doing right now – feel it. It was always meant to be this way.

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I’d rather be

disconnectSome things aren’t easy. Some days are tough.. but I’d rather be a person with integrity, strong and steady. Than hidden in the rough. Unaware of whats to come. 

 I’d rather you see me hurting, than to have to puff my chest up. Too long I hold my breath. Waiting for a moment you come to your sense… I can’t foresee an end. 

 I’d rather be authentic, than lie about a worthless cause. I’d rather you burn me now, than live a life unworthy of the fraud. 

I’d rather suffer the pain, than to learn the hard way. Kick it to me straight up. I’m no stranger to the insane. I’m pretty sure I was born that way anyway… 

I’d rather be a visionary, than to be understood. We don’t have to agree, so much of what you say brings unease, uncertain in all your ways.

I’d rather you know the inside of me. All the parts of me. Because if it’s not enough, I have nothing more to give. No more air to breathe.
My heart is always open, but it’s not for you to keep.

Mix it up

Hamster Getting a Workout on Spinning WheelNearly everything we do is habit. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, go to sleep – repeat. Only 40 – 45% of our daily thinking is conscious. What we eat, how we dress. Most of our decisions are unconscious. Habits.

I don’t know about you but I have always gotten a little bored by the idea of ‘ground hog day’. Nothing puts a dint in my spirit more than getting on the spinning wheel and getting told to run pointlessly without reason – because someone else said that it was just ‘what you do’. Normal, yuk. Following the same daily pattern with no real end goal in mind.

What happened to me this morning was small but significant enough to spark a feeling of satisfaction. So, what happened to me this morning?
I mixed it up!
My usual routine on the way to the office took a slight turn and I found myself in a new alley way grabbing my morning cup of coffee Mix it up Coffee spots(habit) but with a different set of teeth smiling back at me! A refreshing change of connection and unfamiliarity.

In essence, what I didnt realise my spirit was craving – was a new experience! As small and insignificant as it may sound, it still gave me a huge sense of gratification.
In your own home town, in your own world, without travelling overseas or taking a holiday – you can create new experiences everywhere you go, every day. Make it a new habit of creating new experiences everywhere you go and you will never be stuck in the spinning wheel.
It’s a choice!
Meet new people.
Ask those people new questions.
Find out more about others and you will find out more about yourself.

It’s such a beautiful world we live in but as I look around me, I see death. I see people who have adjusted to someone else’s rules about their life. I see a conviction of depression and hopelessness. What a deceptive perception. We are never stuck to press repeat on our lives until the day we die or retire.
We can Mix it up!! – turn your comfort zone on its head.
Find yourself.
Re-create yourself.
Say hello to a stranger. Smile.
It’s the small things that you do that make the biggest difference. Mix it up!!!

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“Your future is bright” he whispers in my ear.
All the hard work, your sweat, your tears.
It’s all coming to the end of its years.
Belief in yourself, your purpose: is about to become clear.

Confusion be gone, temptation at bay.
This life is yours for the taking, this voice leans over to say…

For my need to be right, I look and return to the current sight.
Nothing has changed… A mirror image still remains.

Yet, My heart can’t forget, those promises you set.
So I start to exist in his words, rather than in my disbelief and regrets.
My tongue starts to speak, words proclaiming its belief.
These physical boundaries will hold me no longer, just as long as I keep his word safe.

It is a gift… it’s a truth… That is saturating my youth.
They are words of infinite possibilities .. Choosing faith, above inevitability.

A vision for you

hope love


An experience, may be an episode that changes your outlook in life. It may come to you in many forms.
Obvious, with intense emotions & heavy awakenings.
Or it may not have been realised until after the experience is over and you look back realising the change.

Have you ever had an experience released to you in another vision of sight?
As though your mind, your spirit and your soul were joining… Almost aligning .. to show you an image of what was happening in your life at that same moment that you tuned in?

This morning, whilst amongst strangers on the way to the office, I had some light music playing the background. The meditation of it soothes me and drifted me into a state of calmness, just being present in that moment – calm… fulfilled. Questions started to arise but they were overlapped with peace. An image, more powerful than my site came to me, it was the word:


Many people would see this as a state of being pushed down, almost a dirty word. They see it as a feeling they get when they are feeling low. They are small in a big surrounding of feelings, but true be told – they are still aligned with that feeling.

Suddenly, a clay master appeared – just his hands. Forming, recreating, breaking – moulding me.
Blessed by the experience, I allowed my shape to move and to get smaller in Grace of what the higher purpose of it all was – almost bringing tears to my eyes as though I was experiencing a death amongst my physical self. A new beginning and I was unsure whether the tears welling up were of grief or release…

What was I to lose?…

Ego, temperate and pride. The things in my life that my mind will allow me to play with and say that all the things I have are a result of hard work and sheer determination. Taking on all the responsibility for what successes and what does not eventuate.
What kept me more focused was the shape of the inner core, the smaller it became, the larger the glow of the external environment. It almost became a vacuum for all things pure.

So in fact, it had never really decreased in size, it just took on more blessings making it appear smaller to the sight of the mind.

Glowing… Never changing. It just accepted everything as is.

It’s hard to put into words what an experience truly means to one person compared to the next. It is difficult to explain, why you understood it so well. I guess that is why God works in all of us individually. No two are the same.

Which is why we are all so valuable. The image I saw today was a glimpse of what is inside us; the emotion, the beauty and the journey we must all face. The pain which gives us glory. The truth which sets us free. The denial that binds us. It all makes us and helps us mold to the shape of our destiny.

Be humbled enough to change, to grow and to set yourself free…

Young & Free

Are you living young and free?

Is your mind enthusiastic enough to learn  new things daily?

Do you allow yourself to make mistakes whilst continuing to pick yourself up after them?

Do you have faith in your heart as a child has faith in their father to be there when they fall?

Are you living with 100% acceptance that what you are doing is right for you & your independent future?

Freedom – The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without restraint.

Young – Being in an early period of life, development, or growth.

Young and free is the mind’s capability to be like a child and absorb new information while having the ability to be outspoken when necessary. To live as though there is no tomorrow & making the most out of every given situation. To challenge what you thought you knew and dare to learn from another. A child does not care who it is talking to – it just cares to make human contact. They act as though they need the worlds love – not just their families. They have the freedom to wave and smile and be seen as admirable.

Dare not to be a grown up who is set in his/her ways with his/her insecurities. Just for one day, see how much the world opens up to you.

Dearest readers – Are you young & free?

Hearing the Heart.

Dearest readers, one thing better than writing (for me) is hearing what others have to say. My opinions are merely a collective total of little bits and pieces in which other people have inspired me to write about. Yes, I have my own opinions, emotions, thoughts & actions taken from all of the above. However, the biggest lesson that I have received from all my outside teaching is simply this:

You have to hear the message first rather than the words that describe it.

Everyone has been brought up differently. We have all been taught with different beliefs, defense mechanisms & emotional boundaries. The classic quote of  ‘Don’t judge until you have walked a mile in their shoes’ sums it up. We really can’t judge another at all. We never see the heart ache, pains and lessons that have been taught along the way. When you start to get to know another you develop some form of compassion for where they may be coming from – but you never know the full story like they do.

In moments such as these, I enjoy putting the student cap on and letting my mind open to another persons world views and beliefs. This rule of thumb applies so widely to everyday relationships – hearing what’s been said not just the way in which is said. In my humble opinion – Everyone of us came from the loving father that is God. We were all born with these abilities to communicate in our own individual ways and yet we can so easily get mixed up with trying to be understood rather than trying to understand.

Over the past few years I have opened my mind to friendships and people who were exact opposites to me on the outside, but when listened to, were almost similar on the inside. In opening my mind to this new probability, I have become well aware of when the heart is speaking rather than the exterior that is being generically produced. I can see the difference between what’s been taught & the real person within. Everyone’s heart breaks, is prone to anger, jealousy & rage. But we don’t all display the same behaviors in relation to that emotion.

Hear the real message of the heart.

I am not a big sports fan but I am well aware that, when one of my sport fanatic friends inform me of detailed scores n replays – it is their way of including me into their world. I hear that invitation & so I sit to listen to the message. I may not fully understand the words, but I acknowledge it.

Seek to understand your fellow-man and give them the time of day to understand who you are. When the heart talks over the head, it is such a beautiful moment that it can feel like heaven on earth. Everyone’s life is a search for some form of understanding – a place to belong. Why not give somebody else that benefit today. You must give to receive. Seek to understand the real message, from the heart – Not just the delivery – And not just seeking to find out how it affects you. Seek to understand the real person inside….