Mind Games

“Do you believe in me? Do you question the path once took?
Do we really know if this is our fate, or if another route could wonderhave worked out… just as good? ”

Comfortable slides past desire, because it’s all too consuming. Choosing the ease and easy rather than the fire. Hosting a fabulous mess, our emotions rock us into new dimensions. One moment you thank your lucky stars & the next you want a recount and a new judge..

The trick is to keep moving, plan your next step forward. Looking back is too daunting.
Your mind will tell you, you are wrong. Your heart in a moment of heat demands you to be strong.

“I’ve got to let go of this mess, this troubled space that tells me it’s a nest.
There is nothing there to nurture~ no food, water or flavour. Only oceans of despair.”

make believe love hurtThe space where there once was, sits only a voice that echoes. No living person. Yes it is fun to wonder into a land of make-believe, until you realise it’s not living, its a disease. A mental conspiracy.


Never settle. Be better..

We are all worthy of a standard that we shouldn’t go any lower than. Whether that be in business, in relationship or personal development. If you have set a certain standard for yourself, NEVER doubt yourself enough to lower that.

A ‘standard’ can be a boundary in which you set for yourself for the benefit of your well-being. For example, it can be your style: what you will, and what you won’t wear.  What you believe you are worthy of receiving financially in the work place. Who you will and won’t trust in order to express your inner most feelings. How much you can cope with, emotionally in everyday circumstances.

Your standards are the outline in which you stand for. What you know as personal boundaries and lines of protection to your inner being.

The reason I speak of such things is due to a job that I took on all but a few months ago. I saw it as an easily picked up opportunity that would suit my lifestyle nicely. After battling out the first week, I was informed of the low (somewhat illegal) pay rate. The immediate, rather offended reaction that came forth first, was to leave. This was not fitting to my standard at all! But something held me back… I felt a little confused and unsure of myself by the shock of this news, especially seeing as though I had already worked a full week for them. It felt as though this wasn’t just my pay rate – this was my worth on offer. My self-confidence was surely a miss in order for me to walk out the door. I was lacking the posture to tell these people that hired me, that I was worth more than what they had on offer. So, I took the hard, bitter & broken road and agreed to settle for less.

This followed on to be the most intense emotional couple of months. I despised the fact that it had come to this. I felt trapped in my own self pity. (Big no no!) In lacking my self-worth worth due to my own actions – I lost my passion for life. I felt no better than this measly $14 an hour job (before tax) that I was residing in.

This went on for a few months… Until, one day, I decided to make a break from the coast. I took the time to clear my head for a weekend away and I felt a ‘shift’ back into consciousness. I realised –I was making myself miserable! In the beautiful city that was Melbourne, I started to feel the difference between genuine joy and the sacrifice I had back home.

So I gave my notice last week… (*clears throat* WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!)


I feel rejuvenated, alive and back in tune with myself. I have more energy to spread joy and love into my life and into the lives of others. I have a message!! That message today being: Never, ever, ever, EVER settle for less than your worth! You are worth more than the standard you originally set for yourself anyway. Why go lower? Its time to aim at the stars and pursue a passionate life. As the good lord says “Go forth and multiply!’

Multiply the people you interact with a smile and a genuine heart. Be 100% present in you, so you can give that 100% to help another. Never settle for less than you believe yourself to be, because then you WILL receive less than you deserve. Have faith that there is a better way. Have faith in you! In God! In the Love of the universe for each and every individual person. Including the people who try to take away your self-worth. They can only try. Never doubt yourself enough to let them.

God Bless