We struggle with life, expecting things to happen in a certain way. Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.07.30 pmYou swear, you pray. You feel that life has to turn out “this kind of” way. Something is missing. Something isn’t right.

Time passes, the mindset still remains the same. What was put in your path while stuck reminiscing, was always meant to stay. Not the thoughts twirling through the mind. Hopeless dreaming. They in fact, were the ones that had to die. Moving you into a new dimension. A new version of you was born, ever so easily. So slowly, that you didn’t notice until it was too late. Fate acting on your behalf. Until you were strong enough to carry your own weight.

Time changes. Feelings waver. What once was, never stays the same. The only 2 things that matter is: How much we loved. How deeply we tried. And how quickly we let go of those things that hurt us. No longer serving us.

We are 2 of the same. 2 souls. 2 beings. Trying to live. Whatever you are doing right now – feel it. It was always meant to be this way.

surf wave#NoRegrets


Mother Natures Lesson

Walking to the office,  was not an easy task today.
Mother Nature put up a fight with the wind  howling through the streets of Melbourne at 26km/hr. ~Certainly outdoing my rate of 5!
heavy breeze
Whats even worse was that, for the last 20 min I was fighting an uphill battle! The resistance was amazing for such an everyday task. Wind blowing so heavily that particles were flying into my eyes (even with my hand covering my face). I could not see further than the very next step in front of me. Sometimes nothing at all because it hurt to look!! Every few curbs I had to rest my eyes and focus inward for my memory of which direction I was headed.

If you havent picked up on the theme already, let me spell it out to you.

Our vision’s, our destinations, our goals that we are shooting for; some days, can be hard to find. “Circumstances” make it hard to do ordinary tasks. Other people’s bad attitudes, opinions and judgement are like particles getting flown into your eye, making it hard to see where you are going. Small daily steps that are easy to do any other given day become pointless & irritating.

Mother Nature showed me a valuable lesson this morning; she showed me that no matter how mundane the task or end goal, no one escapes without some form of challenges! My attitude was the only thing that kept me from not having a hissy fit on the side of the road.
More importantly, if you do not have a strong memory or idea as to where you are going – you will be lost! You will retract back inside where it is safe until the wind has passed. You will become less and less resistant to the changes that happen to us all on a daily basis and you will not allow these circumstances to form you into the person you are destined to because because of them.

If I did not know my path before me, I would have given up. Our inner heart is what guides us on a daily basis. When the odds are against you, you need to go inward and concentrate all your attention on where you want to go. Don’t be bothered by the specks blinding your sight, they can be washed out. What matters is within.
Where are you going today?

Just Do It

You know, Nike really hit it on the head with this slogan.
Life isn’t what happens when you sit in a park thinking about your life, ponder the exquisite nature of the universe…. As fun as that can be !

Life, is in the starting. The decision followed through by a step – Just, Do becomes – “It”!

I will be the first to admit. I can be the greatest procrastinator of all time…


By default, I will need to have all my ducks lined up in a row before I start to move, and if they aren’t….. I will generally spend another month figuring out another way to get them lined up. All the while, not realising that the thinking is more exhausting than the action.

In taking a lean on “Doing”, we are actually propelling our faith in ourselves. There is sub-consciously a shift that starts to believe in the steps we take. Configuring ways to make your dreams and goals a reality. Generally there is a fair bit of re-calculating and pivoting in the beginning and that’s ok. We are going to pivot and change until it becomes clear – just what it is you are actually supposed to be doing to get you towards those goals, faster.
Catch being, you will never come to this spot if you don’t start, starting.

Lately, I have felt the fear of committing to a goal and following through. But, you know what it has shown me more than anything? The only thing worse than not committing, is wondering what happened… All those months that were not put to good use, I am now seeing in a new light.
It doesn’t even matter what the steps are. Stop calculating. Stop strategizing. Stop pretending as though you are too busy. Just move. Just be forward with what you want and just believe that things are going to get better.

We are never a product of our thoughts – (if that was the case, my life would be chaotic!) 
We are however, a product of our actions… Keep it Simple. Just Do it!

just-do-itLove, Express


The One Who Withstands

We are either the shepherd, or the sheep.

We begin to reveal, only when we begin to teach.

What values do you seek? What rules do you believe?

Our values are unspoken words, turning actions on auto-speak.

What do you give out to the world? What does your heart have planned?

I challenge you to question, some demons that may be buried deep.

Our inner man is worth a thousand times over, the riches enticing the land.

Be a good man. Be the one who withstands.

All the tests, all the trials.

Because at the end of the day, you are only left with;

a judging of our inner plans.

Good and bad values


timeWhat is time but a perception?

I hear people answer with it.
I hear people use it as an excuse.
I understand that sometimes it feels that there is a lack there of.
But in what way can we actually control it?

Is time nothing but an essence?
It can be wasted, it can be put to good use.
It can be strategically calculated. Or it can be abused…

Observing time.
I find myself pondering…

What have I done with my time that is any different to everyone else?

There was a time, when I wanted to be further away from my youth.
I wanted responsibility, I craved and yearned for respect because I was under the impression that only time could give it to you.
Yet, time to me now is slipping away..

Stepping into a new season, the first day of Autumn.
A new chapter.
I wonder, what is time going to reveal to me next?

Time allows us to grow. Time displays patience with our mistakes and allows us to mend.

My dear readers, let us open our hearts to the possibility that time, this time around – is for us!time-reveals-everything

– Forever, Express ❤

Inspired by:
“For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night”. Psalm 90:4

Sceptic vs the Cynic

We can all be a little sceptical. Deep down… Let’s admit it. All the talk of love and peace without war – Put it all down flat on the table. Life was a little unfair here and there and so we created a boundary zone – a safe space.
I had it put to me a few nights ago that there is a thin line between sceptic & cynicism and like all  things in life – it is a choice.

Sceptic – a person who mistrust people, ideas, etc., in general.
“There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.” – A. Korzybski

Scepticism, in a nut shell – saves you from thinking. I chose this quote because it does not represent individual “Self Expression”, which is what we are all about.

Cynic – a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” 
― Oscar Wilde

To be a cynic is when the line has been crossed. You no longer believe in the good around you and question everyone’s motives. I think we can all relate to being a little ‘suss’ and negative on topics. However, to be cynical; is almost poison to the human soul. It stops you from seeing the good that could be and that should be.

I bring this up, my fellow readers, because I can see that being sceptic is a mere stepping stone to be a cynic. The more you rely on your sceptic intuition – your ‘non’ thinking – the more the cynic takes over.

The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people within it. We are all doing our best with what we have. Not all are perfect, and some even, cause a little harm and hurt in others lives for a moment.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be wary – trust your instincts.
Be authentic in your own thoughts and opinions…. But by no means should you rely on those of others.

To trust in the air, is foolish.

To trust in one’s heart, a trial.

To trust in your self, a conquest.

But none the less, a trial we must abound.

– Express ❤

The Key To life is….

Happiness! Joy within a smile. A real sense of belonging. Fulfillment. Love, care, compassion – all that makes your heart beat a little faster, with the temperature rising one degree higher. Within all of us – there is a possibilty to feel these warm and delightful emotions.  However, for those who have trouble accessing them – there is another side of the spectrum. The capability to feel all the negative emotions – such as: anger, rage, disappointment, resentment, loneliness & etc…

Between these two worlds of raw emotion is a silver lining dividing them. Want to know what you call that silver lining? Free will!

Free will give’s us free rein to do whatever we wish with our life. Great News! We can choose to be happy! 😀

When things are bad, what’s stopping you from refusing to left this absorb your attention? We can choose to see past our current circumstance. On the other hand, we can feel a negative emotion towards another & take it to the grave – is it healthy? Hell No! But none-the-less, it is still your choice!

Our minds are very powerful tools – never underestimate the use of it. Thoughts, you have little to no control over – but the continuation of those thoughts and feelings is totally in your control.

I write with passion because I am well aware of what it is like to be stuck in a rut that leaves you more disappointed in yourself than any one else. When in that place, it can feel helpless. I am not here to prove anyone wrong, I am here to try to persuade those in that state of a better option.

I found the key ingredient to a successful life when I went on a journey -not find right or wrong answers, or greener grass upon the other side – but to find myself. I realised there was a few missing links in my perception of realty. That I had created the negative environments around me due to my poor perception of being no better than and settling for less than I deserved.  Once I configured this formula, I took small daily steps to attract more goodness into my life. Go figure – Like Attracts Like! 😉

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived in order to be understood – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dearest Readers – What emotion are your mirroring today? What small daily step can you take to benefit your life for the better?

Try smiling at a stranger. Not only will it bring some sunlight into their day – it will mirror that smile back into yours.

God Bless