Mind Games

“Do you believe in me? Do you question the path once took?
Do we really know if this is our fate, or if another route could wonderhave worked out… just as good? ”

Comfortable slides past desire, because it’s all too consuming. Choosing the ease and easy rather than the fire. Hosting a fabulous mess, our emotions rock us into new dimensions. One moment you thank your lucky stars & the next you want a recount and a new judge..

The trick is to keep moving, plan your next step forward. Looking back is too daunting.
Your mind will tell you, you are wrong. Your heart in a moment of heat demands you to be strong.

“I’ve got to let go of this mess, this troubled space that tells me it’s a nest.
There is nothing there to nurture~ no food, water or flavour. Only oceans of despair.”

make believe love hurtThe space where there once was, sits only a voice that echoes. No living person. Yes it is fun to wonder into a land of make-believe, until you realise it’s not living, its a disease. A mental conspiracy.


The One Who Withstands

We are either the shepherd, or the sheep.

We begin to reveal, only when we begin to teach.

What values do you seek? What rules do you believe?

Our values are unspoken words, turning actions on auto-speak.

What do you give out to the world? What does your heart have planned?

I challenge you to question, some demons that may be buried deep.

Our inner man is worth a thousand times over, the riches enticing the land.

Be a good man. Be the one who withstands.

All the tests, all the trials.

Because at the end of the day, you are only left with;

a judging of our inner plans.

Good and bad values