Costly Comparison

Walk out on the street. What do you see? Everything outside of me. What I am compared to you. What I lack next to you.
walkinhWe walk a path and come to be, comparing ourselves against everybody.

What we hear
What we know
What we see
Billboards and Facebook scenarios.

“You can be better — You should live like this”
Everything screams comparison. Til there is no room left for us…

We all want the world to see, what I decide for it to be.

Love, life, glory & achievements.
Disappointment, rants, trolling and sadness.
Consistently drawing attention away from what we need in actuality.

ponderingIt begs the question;
Why not start by being kind
– to the face looking back at me.
– to the person I am yet to be.
– to the soul mate who deals with my highs and lows.
– to the friend who may genuinely need my help.

What we give out we get. If you can’t accept yourself. How do you begin to love someone else?
Who we are, what we become. Starts with an acceptance of the darker part of ourselves.

Be kind
Be true
Be a light in the darkness
Choose hope
Choose love
You are perfect.

Be kind
Be true… To you…



Mix it up

Hamster Getting a Workout on Spinning WheelNearly everything we do is habit. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, go to sleep – repeat. Only 40 – 45% of our daily thinking is conscious. What we eat, how we dress. Most of our decisions are unconscious. Habits.

I don’t know about you but I have always gotten a little bored by the idea of ‘ground hog day’. Nothing puts a dint in my spirit more than getting on the spinning wheel and getting told to run pointlessly without reason – because someone else said that it was just ‘what you do’. Normal, yuk. Following the same daily pattern with no real end goal in mind.

What happened to me this morning was small but significant enough to spark a feeling of satisfaction. So, what happened to me this morning?
I mixed it up!
My usual routine on the way to the office took a slight turn and I found myself in a new alley way grabbing my morning cup of coffee Mix it up Coffee spots(habit) but with a different set of teeth smiling back at me! A refreshing change of connection and unfamiliarity.

In essence, what I didnt realise my spirit was craving – was a new experience! As small and insignificant as it may sound, it still gave me a huge sense of gratification.
In your own home town, in your own world, without travelling overseas or taking a holiday – you can create new experiences everywhere you go, every day. Make it a new habit of creating new experiences everywhere you go and you will never be stuck in the spinning wheel.
It’s a choice!
Meet new people.
Ask those people new questions.
Find out more about others and you will find out more about yourself.

It’s such a beautiful world we live in but as I look around me, I see death. I see people who have adjusted to someone else’s rules about their life. I see a conviction of depression and hopelessness. What a deceptive perception. We are never stuck to press repeat on our lives until the day we die or retire.
We can Mix it up!! – turn your comfort zone on its head.
Find yourself.
Re-create yourself.
Say hello to a stranger. Smile.
It’s the small things that you do that make the biggest difference. Mix it up!!!

recreate hope



Absence of Resistance

In a world that tells you;4.2.3
Hold tight.
Protect your rights.
If you want it, be prepared to fight.

How free would we be… If we just let go.
Let go of all control, and wonder.
Just to be; like a stream that has no need to take demands from the breeze.
It keeps flowing down the river, no resistance…. Just peace.

Not opposing the strong.
We can all take notes from those who have weathered the storm;
It’s the resistance you experience, to change.
Resistance of your hidden man.
Change creates a window, to see if your worthy of the name.
Worthy of the status you so proudly put in your own way.

armstrong-stream-meander-sml-from-lnpWe are called to step up. Far above our vision can carry.
Innately hearing Gods call – the way is already paved.
Hear the truth;
Or forever justify the pain.
Allowing fears to continually returning us to the space from which we came.

Brothers, Sister, Believers and Curious Seekers;
I hear the call for more, I know its in you. I know you see it too….
Why resist when it’s for the benefit of us all?

 Celebrate, the Absence of Resistance.

Mind Matters

hard workoutFor those of you that have ever had the privilege of a one-on-one personal training session / boot camp / crossfit style workout, you would be aware of the fact that the mind has a habit of quitting a thousand times over before the body will.
I personally have experienced this many times over! Before I even head out the door (especially on a rather cold day), my mind is telling me to quit. It takes a real discipline to keep going sometimes. To shut off all conversations in your head convincing you why you should not go and continue in the abyss of why you got started in the first place.

Spending an intensive 10 days in Fiji that only served liquid meals for the first 4 days – made me appreciate this aspect from a totally different level. How sensitive we are to what we think we know about life.

The stories we tell ourselves that restrict us from truly moving forward carrying the weight of;
I would, but…
I wish I could, but..
I am just not…

Our “I Am” statements, that allow us to quit before the journey has even begun. Who do you tell yourself you are? As soon as you look into the mirror to wash your face. We all pause and stare intensely at the slightly puffy reflection standing before us.MirrorReflection
I am …
The most important 3-5 words you can start the day off with.
My question to you; Are they encouraging or are they demeaning?

Are you setting your day off on a high or loosing your grip before the day has even begun?

Chances are, (if your anything like me) some of the stories you tell yourself need to change. I learnt this in my 10 day trip across the big blue. I wasn’t demoralising myself, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was too passive in my approach to who I was going to be each day. If not for the benefit of myself, than for those around me.

I put it to you my friends,  Go write it on your mirror who you want to be daily. Make it a must to live a glorious life, not just one that goes with the motions. We are called for so much more (if you have the courage to live it full-out).

I am a Goddess of LoveScreen Shot 2013-11-27 at 1.54.18 PM
I am a Warrior
I am Strength
I am Courage
I am a Leader

Who do you really want to be?

With purpose, Express

Mother Natures Lesson

Walking to the office,  was not an easy task today.
Mother Nature put up a fight with the wind  howling through the streets of Melbourne at 26km/hr. ~Certainly outdoing my rate of 5!
heavy breeze
Whats even worse was that, for the last 20 min I was fighting an uphill battle! The resistance was amazing for such an everyday task. Wind blowing so heavily that particles were flying into my eyes (even with my hand covering my face). I could not see further than the very next step in front of me. Sometimes nothing at all because it hurt to look!! Every few curbs I had to rest my eyes and focus inward for my memory of which direction I was headed.

If you havent picked up on the theme already, let me spell it out to you.

Our vision’s, our destinations, our goals that we are shooting for; some days, can be hard to find. “Circumstances” make it hard to do ordinary tasks. Other people’s bad attitudes, opinions and judgement are like particles getting flown into your eye, making it hard to see where you are going. Small daily steps that are easy to do any other given day become pointless & irritating.

Mother Nature showed me a valuable lesson this morning; she showed me that no matter how mundane the task or end goal, no one escapes without some form of challenges! My attitude was the only thing that kept me from not having a hissy fit on the side of the road.
More importantly, if you do not have a strong memory or idea as to where you are going – you will be lost! You will retract back inside where it is safe until the wind has passed. You will become less and less resistant to the changes that happen to us all on a daily basis and you will not allow these circumstances to form you into the person you are destined to because because of them.

If I did not know my path before me, I would have given up. Our inner heart is what guides us on a daily basis. When the odds are against you, you need to go inward and concentrate all your attention on where you want to go. Don’t be bothered by the specks blinding your sight, they can be washed out. What matters is within.
Where are you going today?

What is Fear Anyway?

Ever experience a feeling that stunted you from moving forward?
It feels so real that you cant help but get warped up in the very essence of it. The Bermuda triangle of your inner self.

Some call it fear.. What is fear anyway?

Fear is an idea built up in our mind/s.
It’s an inability to successfully comprehend something because you have yet to experience it.
It is your mind solely holding you back.
Yet it holds so much power in our world… Why?…

False Evidence appearing realWhat does FEAR stand for?
F – False
E – Evidence
A – Appearing
R – Real

The mind is a powerful thing.
It is structured to work for you in complex situations. It is a computer composed of data images and experiences up until this point.
Look around you, whose experiences have you computed that are not your own?
What TV shows are you watching that you are starting to take on a more realistic comprehension in your own life?
Are you surrounded by drama?

I was at the gym the other day; and I started to get into a fearful state. Everything in my body seized up and my performance dropped because I could not let go of this idea that what I was experiencing was going to be painful. Rather than take each moment as they came, my mind procrastinated and acted ‘safe’.

Do you know what the end result was?
I knew I could do better!

I knew that at the time, my mind gathered all this information of;
You are not as good as;
you shouldn’t;
this will hurt if;
blah blah.

Until I got to the end and realised; it isn’t that bad!

“My fear was overcome by doing”

Now that I could place a logical experience onto of it; it wasn’t so bad. I could do it again – and even better this time!

So what is fear anyway?

Face your fears. release yourself from fear
Fail, do it again – better!
This is where the ultimate growth in life comes from.


happiness-comes-from-withinEverybody wants to be happy.

Everybody wants peace of mind.

At the root of every desire there is the ideal that “Once I have achieved this, THEN I will be happy”.

So how about this golden rule?

Become a participator rather than a spectator!

Participate with the hopes that through pain, there is glory. Through new tests, there is common ground. And then, just maybe! I will be the person I have set out to be.

How many people (carefully) watching on the side lines can say that? Staying within a comfort zone to avoid any risk of jeopardising that “Happiness” they so desire.

Friends, if we are servicing ourselves and our own needs and wants. It is safe to say, we will never be happy.
I heard a preacher in the weekends sermon say:

“Your life will be as big as the cause you commit to.”

Happiness may be a state within you but it is caused by getting outside yourself. Reaching out to others.

happinessWe all want to be happy…

So why don’t we start by making someone else?