I’d rather be

disconnectSome things aren’t easy. Some days are tough.. but I’d rather be a person with integrity, strong and steady. Than hidden in the rough. Unaware of whats to come. 

 I’d rather you see me hurting, than to have to puff my chest up. Too long I hold my breath. Waiting for a moment you come to your sense… I can’t foresee an end. 

 I’d rather be authentic, than lie about a worthless cause. I’d rather you burn me now, than live a life unworthy of the fraud. 

I’d rather suffer the pain, than to learn the hard way. Kick it to me straight up. I’m no stranger to the insane. I’m pretty sure I was born that way anyway… 

I’d rather be a visionary, than to be understood. We don’t have to agree, so much of what you say brings unease, uncertain in all your ways.

I’d rather you know the inside of me. All the parts of me. Because if it’s not enough, I have nothing more to give. No more air to breathe.
My heart is always open, but it’s not for you to keep.


I was recommended the other day by a spiritual healer to allow myself to become more vulnerable to  be of better use to myself and others.

In true form; I got literal and wanted to define what that actual means?


  1. Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.
  2. (of a partnership) Liable to higher penalties
vulnerable watersRight… So how does that relate back to you or me? Like anything we experience that is different or uncomfortable, it is in essence a courageous act of faith.
To be responsible for everything that has happened in my life so far, to accept the penalty of honesty in all my affairs.

No matter what the cost.

My mind tells me,

it would come at the cost of:
Division from people who don’t understand.
I would be judged, neglected & misunderstood.My heart whispers to me:
(In reality) People will respect you for being yourself. You will be set free from the very thing that holds you back and your honesty may just help heal another individual who has experienced a similar event.

With closed mouths, we encounter a generation of closed hearts.

strength in vulnerability
Vulnerability starts with the courage to move pass the ego and pursue a genuine life. Rather than worried about how people will see you, start to look at how people see themselves through you. Any reaction is a direct reflection of the person opposite you. Only you have te power to feel judged or misunderstood.

Time to get vulnerable…