Absence of Resistance

In a world that tells you;4.2.3
Hold tight.
Protect your rights.
If you want it, be prepared to fight.

How free would we be… If we just let go.
Let go of all control, and wonder.
Just to be; like a stream that has no need to take demands from the breeze.
It keeps flowing down the river, no resistance…. Just peace.

Not opposing the strong.
We can all take notes from those who have weathered the storm;
It’s the resistance you experience, to change.
Resistance of your hidden man.
Change creates a window, to see if your worthy of the name.
Worthy of the status you so proudly put in your own way.

armstrong-stream-meander-sml-from-lnpWe are called to step up. Far above our vision can carry.
Innately hearing Gods call – the way is already paved.
Hear the truth;
Or forever justify the pain.
Allowing fears to continually returning us to the space from which we came.

Brothers, Sister, Believers and Curious Seekers;
I hear the call for more, I know its in you. I know you see it too….
Why resist when it’s for the benefit of us all?

 Celebrate, the Absence of Resistance.


Igniting the Passion

Where does Passion come from?
Why do some people have a zest for life whilst others compose a state of exhaustion from every day living?passion
How do we live with passion?

Vital questions that get you living a life by design rather than by default.

Design – (noun) a specification of an object, manifested by an agent, intended to accomplish goals.

Default – (noun) in the absence of opposition or a better alternative.

So there you have it! Default and design consist of one little difference. Goals!
The intention of writing down what it is you want. Let me draw a little more attention to the last two words of the last sentence – YOU.WANT.

Not, what others want from you or what your parents intended for you. No, what you want. Your specific gifts and passions in life which come alive when you take the time out every day to meditate on them. 


Whatever it may be for you ! Write them all down and look at them every day.
Go over them to really see (not just look at) what is within your heart. You see, everyone’s answers will be different. So if you can feel them as they move from pen to paper, then they can manifest into your reality. (It’s already within you to do so)
There are plenty of distractions out there turning you away from your calling; 


It is so easy to lose focus! There is a million things a day trying to take your focus and put it onto theirs.
So be bold! Be deliberate in focusing on the matters of your heart as much as you can get distracted by the next thing.

I happen to be doing mine right now!
Curled up with a bunch of feather blankets on an overcast day, pillows supporting my head and laptop cradled closely on my stomach as my fingers allow the rhythm of my heart to do the typing… Passion! It is created by doing the things that make you most happy. Most at peace.

So, how is it that we lose that passion? … By living out someone else’s dream & goals.

Depression – severe, typically prolonged, feelings of low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

When its hard to find the courage to face the day, generally it comes down to a series of days when you haven’t been living authentically for yourself. Life gets much easier once we reach out and take a risk on ourselves. No, it is not selfish. Selfishness is the inability to be happy for someone who has found peace in their life because you haven’t found yours.

So how can you ignite the passion?
writingStart by finding 20 min to sit down and ask yourself – what do I want my life to look like?

The answers we seek are already within us….

Much Love & Peace xo

What Do You Do?

After an engaging conversation for a maximum of 20 seconds, Maximum.. (no joke)
I always get asked that question;  So…. What do you do?
Not, Who are you? What are you about?

conversationWhat DO you DO?
(Anyone else relate?)

So, I decided to really think about this…

Life is not defined by the job you get paid to do. Or, by the circles you hang out with.
In my case, the best way to put it is this; I am a person of many talents. I enjoy being creative. I enjoy laughing with my friends. I also enjoying hanging out on the coach with my husband equally as much as when we are out meeting new people. Which brings me to point.

What do I do?

I make the imaginary, a reality.

The majority of my time is spent unlocking people’s hopes and dreams. Asking them questions that no one has been able to conceive. I am in the business of asking the questions that change a mediocre life, into a hopeful life. One that makes people open their eyes and awaken to infinite possibility. Awakening unto their purpose.

Now, I just explained what I do. Not, who I do it with or how much I get paid to do what I do. It is irrelevant.already defined

“Love what you do and do what you love. ” – Ray Bradbury

So many people are unhappy with where they are at the moment because they have not DEFINED what it is that they are doing. They attach themselves to the corporation, the people they work with or even the job title. There is no identity in doing that. You will never see yourself as anymore than the label society has given you if you do not define yourself. Only you can be the one to decide to do that.
To understand what it is that you do, look at the thing that makes you happiest when you are doing it. Life is a journey of finding happiness. What makes you happy?

So I will ask one more time… What Do you Do?

finding self

Gen Why?

generational messLeaving behind, a mess I find.
This generation is ready.

Stand up, stand tall. Be at ease with the man you are.
Rather than wonder, find comfort in knowing.
Destiny is yours, take hold – own it!

Faith in the mountain once infront, now stands behind us. We asked the questions, no man dares. Challenging existence til its current stance.
A freedom unknow, together we  release the apocalypse.

Stop teasing my vision, come forth and show me reason.
Clarity has begun. Surrender to the season.

I prophesies now & into the future;
Into love, into respect, into individuality for our families.
No more walls, no more bars. Choose who you want to be from here on in.

Choose to live, rather than exist. Choose to make amends with those you bled wrists.
Stitch up the hurt, forget the pain. Move on and forgive.

Because it is our time to rein.

new world freedom

Methods, Rather than Results

We as a generation enjoy the microwave effect. In and out – fast. Speed wins over quality. Right?..slowing down in a fast paced world
Does this mean we get the result we want?
Maybe temporarily; but what I have found is it is not durable.

“As quick as it comes, it can be taketh away”

If we truly are on a journey of ‘discovering self’. No matter which way we choose to go about it; wouldn’t it make better sense to look for pipes to build a water system rather than blow up the side wall of a dam?

In this I refer to “Looking for methods, rather than results”…

Be curious about the way in which you are doing something. Study, Learn, grow. Take an interest in what ‘success’ looks like to you – (draw attention to) singular, YOU.  Not what the world says is successful.

For example; My success will not come at the price of my happiness. So therefore, I look up to and chase mentorship with those who have a peaceful heart and a soulful mind. Those who have had the courage to face their own personal battles, all the while keeping their values in tact without manipulating or trying to ‘fast track’ the process.

“Fall in Love with the Journey; not the Destination”

methods for changeThe more I watch these sorts of people, the more I see that there is a seasonal change for all things. It is not in my timing; it is divine – & it is also when I am ready to let go.
The more I am struggling; the more I am not accepting of the change that is occurring within me. The methodology in that provided me with an attitude change, not an environmental one. Everything is happening for a reason; so what is it this time? –The answer always came down to me.

‘You never know how close you are until you completely break through it’

Friends, its great to have a big picture mentality. In fact, it’s a necessity! But rather than focusing solely on what result you are getting. Look at the fruit on the tree. Look beyond the frustrations. Look beyond the here and now. Look at you. You are the method. It’s your life. You are the thing that is experiencing all these emotions and feelings. Be a method worth following. Be a method that you would respect seeing from someone else.

Express x

Keep On, Keepin’ On

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.39.30 PMLooking back on the past 12 months. You know what life has taught me?
— When you don’t quit, you get given your hearts desire —  

When you commence a new job, a new sports team or even when you start dating, it feels a little awkward at first. That is a given!
To start – You don’t have any conceivable idea as to where your strengths lie. You don’t know who you are going to be in the eyes of the people staring back at you, or  even how long it is even going to last. One thing we do know though is;
If you don’t quit – the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. The awkwardness turns into habit and it is second nature so long as we nurture it!

So…. How much do you nurture it?
Let me start by asking a question to answer the question:
How good do you want to be at it? How successful do you really want to be in your chosen field?

I watch people weekly; quit.
In business, in their personal lives. They throw in the ‘too hard basket’ and jump from career’s, partners, higher powers and leisure activities.

I’m not sure where the sense of entitlement has come from, but let me clear one thing up;
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.40.01 PM
If you want something – you have to go after it! You have to hurt a little before you reap the benefits of it. You have to MOLD into that person, that identity that you are trying to create for yourself.

Change is not easy.
By default I could: work my job, go home to my husband and lay on the couch only to get up to go back to work.
It takes persistence with a dash of courage to continue to tear down the walls of comfortability!
To get up earlier to exercise or meditate, plan ahead so you make healthier eating choices during the day, to build your business outside of the 9-5.
Consistently, I am learning new things, new concepts, new ideas. It is a necessity if you want more out of life.

Success, in anything does not come down to luck! You have to be out there generating activity before ‘luck’ takes place. Ever heard someone say ‘Right Place, Right Time?” Well how did they get to the right place to start off with?

Timing + Effort = Reward

Bottom line is, if you do not quit & you keep an open heart and mind. You will succeed.
The world does not owe us.
We are highly capable to change our circumstances.
Our life today is made from the acts you started taking 18 months ago – So, what have you started 18 months ago that caught up to you today?

If we can transform ourselves, we have the potential to change the world.
– Laura van Dernoot Lipsky –

Never quit. Keep go after your goals, passionately.

With Love, Express 


“Your future is bright” he whispers in my ear.
All the hard work, your sweat, your tears.
It’s all coming to the end of its years.
Belief in yourself, your purpose: is about to become clear.

Confusion be gone, temptation at bay.
This life is yours for the taking, this voice leans over to say…

For my need to be right, I look and return to the current sight.
Nothing has changed… A mirror image still remains.

Yet, My heart can’t forget, those promises you set.
So I start to exist in his words, rather than in my disbelief and regrets.
My tongue starts to speak, words proclaiming its belief.
These physical boundaries will hold me no longer, just as long as I keep his word safe.

It is a gift… it’s a truth… That is saturating my youth.
They are words of infinite possibilities .. Choosing faith, above inevitability.

A vision for you

hope love