Costly Comparison

Walk out on the street. What do you see? Everything outside of me. What I am compared to you. What I lack next to you.
walkinhWe walk a path and come to be, comparing ourselves against everybody.

What we hear
What we know
What we see
Billboards and Facebook scenarios.

“You can be better — You should live like this”
Everything screams comparison. Til there is no room left for us…

We all want the world to see, what I decide for it to be.

Love, life, glory & achievements.
Disappointment, rants, trolling and sadness.
Consistently drawing attention away from what we need in actuality.

ponderingIt begs the question;
Why not start by being kind
– to the face looking back at me.
– to the person I am yet to be.
– to the soul mate who deals with my highs and lows.
– to the friend who may genuinely need my help.

What we give out we get. If you can’t accept yourself. How do you begin to love someone else?
Who we are, what we become. Starts with an acceptance of the darker part of ourselves.

Be kind
Be true
Be a light in the darkness
Choose hope
Choose love
You are perfect.

Be kind
Be true… To you…


Mix it up

Hamster Getting a Workout on Spinning WheelNearly everything we do is habit. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, go to sleep – repeat. Only 40 – 45% of our daily thinking is conscious. What we eat, how we dress. Most of our decisions are unconscious. Habits.

I don’t know about you but I have always gotten a little bored by the idea of ‘ground hog day’. Nothing puts a dint in my spirit more than getting on the spinning wheel and getting told to run pointlessly without reason – because someone else said that it was just ‘what you do’. Normal, yuk. Following the same daily pattern with no real end goal in mind.

What happened to me this morning was small but significant enough to spark a feeling of satisfaction. So, what happened to me this morning?
I mixed it up!
My usual routine on the way to the office took a slight turn and I found myself in a new alley way grabbing my morning cup of coffee Mix it up Coffee spots(habit) but with a different set of teeth smiling back at me! A refreshing change of connection and unfamiliarity.

In essence, what I didnt realise my spirit was craving – was a new experience! As small and insignificant as it may sound, it still gave me a huge sense of gratification.
In your own home town, in your own world, without travelling overseas or taking a holiday – you can create new experiences everywhere you go, every day. Make it a new habit of creating new experiences everywhere you go and you will never be stuck in the spinning wheel.
It’s a choice!
Meet new people.
Ask those people new questions.
Find out more about others and you will find out more about yourself.

It’s such a beautiful world we live in but as I look around me, I see death. I see people who have adjusted to someone else’s rules about their life. I see a conviction of depression and hopelessness. What a deceptive perception. We are never stuck to press repeat on our lives until the day we die or retire.
We can Mix it up!! – turn your comfort zone on its head.
Find yourself.
Re-create yourself.
Say hello to a stranger. Smile.
It’s the small things that you do that make the biggest difference. Mix it up!!!

recreate hope



Igniting the Passion

Where does Passion come from?
Why do some people have a zest for life whilst others compose a state of exhaustion from every day living?passion
How do we live with passion?

Vital questions that get you living a life by design rather than by default.

Design – (noun) a specification of an object, manifested by an agent, intended to accomplish goals.

Default – (noun) in the absence of opposition or a better alternative.

So there you have it! Default and design consist of one little difference. Goals!
The intention of writing down what it is you want. Let me draw a little more attention to the last two words of the last sentence – YOU.WANT.

Not, what others want from you or what your parents intended for you. No, what you want. Your specific gifts and passions in life which come alive when you take the time out every day to meditate on them. 


Whatever it may be for you ! Write them all down and look at them every day.
Go over them to really see (not just look at) what is within your heart. You see, everyone’s answers will be different. So if you can feel them as they move from pen to paper, then they can manifest into your reality. (It’s already within you to do so)
There are plenty of distractions out there turning you away from your calling; 


It is so easy to lose focus! There is a million things a day trying to take your focus and put it onto theirs.
So be bold! Be deliberate in focusing on the matters of your heart as much as you can get distracted by the next thing.

I happen to be doing mine right now!
Curled up with a bunch of feather blankets on an overcast day, pillows supporting my head and laptop cradled closely on my stomach as my fingers allow the rhythm of my heart to do the typing… Passion! It is created by doing the things that make you most happy. Most at peace.

So, how is it that we lose that passion? … By living out someone else’s dream & goals.

Depression – severe, typically prolonged, feelings of low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

When its hard to find the courage to face the day, generally it comes down to a series of days when you haven’t been living authentically for yourself. Life gets much easier once we reach out and take a risk on ourselves. No, it is not selfish. Selfishness is the inability to be happy for someone who has found peace in their life because you haven’t found yours.

So how can you ignite the passion?
writingStart by finding 20 min to sit down and ask yourself – what do I want my life to look like?

The answers we seek are already within us….

Much Love & Peace xo

Mother Natures Lesson

Walking to the office,  was not an easy task today.
Mother Nature put up a fight with the wind  howling through the streets of Melbourne at 26km/hr. ~Certainly outdoing my rate of 5!
heavy breeze
Whats even worse was that, for the last 20 min I was fighting an uphill battle! The resistance was amazing for such an everyday task. Wind blowing so heavily that particles were flying into my eyes (even with my hand covering my face). I could not see further than the very next step in front of me. Sometimes nothing at all because it hurt to look!! Every few curbs I had to rest my eyes and focus inward for my memory of which direction I was headed.

If you havent picked up on the theme already, let me spell it out to you.

Our vision’s, our destinations, our goals that we are shooting for; some days, can be hard to find. “Circumstances” make it hard to do ordinary tasks. Other people’s bad attitudes, opinions and judgement are like particles getting flown into your eye, making it hard to see where you are going. Small daily steps that are easy to do any other given day become pointless & irritating.

Mother Nature showed me a valuable lesson this morning; she showed me that no matter how mundane the task or end goal, no one escapes without some form of challenges! My attitude was the only thing that kept me from not having a hissy fit on the side of the road.
More importantly, if you do not have a strong memory or idea as to where you are going – you will be lost! You will retract back inside where it is safe until the wind has passed. You will become less and less resistant to the changes that happen to us all on a daily basis and you will not allow these circumstances to form you into the person you are destined to because because of them.

If I did not know my path before me, I would have given up. Our inner heart is what guides us on a daily basis. When the odds are against you, you need to go inward and concentrate all your attention on where you want to go. Don’t be bothered by the specks blinding your sight, they can be washed out. What matters is within.
Where are you going today?

Just Do It

You know, Nike really hit it on the head with this slogan.
Life isn’t what happens when you sit in a park thinking about your life, ponder the exquisite nature of the universe…. As fun as that can be !

Life, is in the starting. The decision followed through by a step – Just, Do becomes – “It”!

I will be the first to admit. I can be the greatest procrastinator of all time…


By default, I will need to have all my ducks lined up in a row before I start to move, and if they aren’t….. I will generally spend another month figuring out another way to get them lined up. All the while, not realising that the thinking is more exhausting than the action.

In taking a lean on “Doing”, we are actually propelling our faith in ourselves. There is sub-consciously a shift that starts to believe in the steps we take. Configuring ways to make your dreams and goals a reality. Generally there is a fair bit of re-calculating and pivoting in the beginning and that’s ok. We are going to pivot and change until it becomes clear – just what it is you are actually supposed to be doing to get you towards those goals, faster.
Catch being, you will never come to this spot if you don’t start, starting.

Lately, I have felt the fear of committing to a goal and following through. But, you know what it has shown me more than anything? The only thing worse than not committing, is wondering what happened… All those months that were not put to good use, I am now seeing in a new light.
It doesn’t even matter what the steps are. Stop calculating. Stop strategizing. Stop pretending as though you are too busy. Just move. Just be forward with what you want and just believe that things are going to get better.

We are never a product of our thoughts – (if that was the case, my life would be chaotic!) 
We are however, a product of our actions… Keep it Simple. Just Do it!

just-do-itLove, Express



happiness-comes-from-withinEverybody wants to be happy.

Everybody wants peace of mind.

At the root of every desire there is the ideal that “Once I have achieved this, THEN I will be happy”.

So how about this golden rule?

Become a participator rather than a spectator!

Participate with the hopes that through pain, there is glory. Through new tests, there is common ground. And then, just maybe! I will be the person I have set out to be.

How many people (carefully) watching on the side lines can say that? Staying within a comfort zone to avoid any risk of jeopardising that “Happiness” they so desire.

Friends, if we are servicing ourselves and our own needs and wants. It is safe to say, we will never be happy.
I heard a preacher in the weekends sermon say:

“Your life will be as big as the cause you commit to.”

Happiness may be a state within you but it is caused by getting outside yourself. Reaching out to others.

happinessWe all want to be happy…

So why don’t we start by making someone else?

God can do for you what you CANT do for YOURSELF

Peeps, readers, fellow writers. I cant help but feel an extra amount of passion towards this subject. So many people are whinging and whining as to why God hasn’t done this or done that for them. Things are the same, nothing is happening – why isn’t he listening to me?! Why does God not favor me? News Flash – God loves all people! Because you were created in the image of your creator, he is well aware of the capability that lies within you. He can do for us what we can not do for ourselves.


Faith without works is dead – James 2:14-26.


Work your butt off! Test your limits! See how much you ARE capable of! Then, when things start to get tough – Don’t stop! Have faith that God will start to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. He will fill the gabs. Take you to the extreme. He will believe in you when you no longer believe in yourself. Just because he loves you, does not mean he is going to let you sit on your butt and learn nothing! You have to get your hands dirty, fall over, scrape your knee and learn how to get back up.

Trust is vital in every day relationships. Without it, we turn into a broken shell of a human being. The pains of this world can feel like a gloak of trouble – making your physical senses heavy and exhausted. In those times you need to remember that we are not of this world –  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Enjoy the ups and downs, the emotions, the lessons, your free will. Enjoy life!  You have a higher being who loves you and will always love you. None of us were a mistake. Put trust in God whilst putting trust in yourself. I know we are all capable of much more than the fear we listen to on the media. Never limit yourself to the worlds ideals and expectations. Change your mind set, change your life. Be the only person you know how to be – but be better at it!

God Bless